Apple held a market share in the tablet arena of 38% as of Q4 2021. Despite their popularity, Apple’s desktops and laptops hold a small global market share of personal computers. In fact, as of the fourth quarter of 2021, its market share in the personal computer space was 7.7%. Companies split stocks to create new shares in order to boost liquidity.

  1. Therefore, as you see the stock prices below, keep in mind that the value of the entity is not driven just by its stock price but by the number of shares it has also issued.
  2. The stratospheric share price is a good sign for investors ahead of Apple’s quarterly results, which is set to be revealed on October 30.
  3. This means Apple’s market capitalisation is now up to a staggering $2.34 trillion (roughly £1.7 trillion), by far the highest value that any company has achieved.
  4. Seaboard has milling facilities and sells grain products worldwide.

Some allow users to submit queries for specific price ranges, maximums, and minimums. What matters more is the percentage change in the share price. Chipotle (CMG) is known for its fast-casual Mexican restaurants worldwide, serving a variety of burritos, tacos, and other food. The company’s stock has been steadily increasing, closing at a high of $2,666.99 on Feb. 7, 2024. Booking Holdings (BKNG) owns the travel reservation sites and Priceline, two of the biggest players in the online travel industry. Additionally, it also owns OpenTable, the restaurant reservation company.

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In late July 2023, Apple hit its highest market cap of $3.1 trillion. That is 310 times more than the figure required to be considered a large-cap company and greater than the entire GDP of the United Kingdom in the year 2022, per Worldometer. A way to think about a market cap is that it’s a company’s value in good faith; after all, shares are an intangible asset, not a physical item, so they are worth nothing if no one wants them. The price of each share in a company is determined by the supply and demand for that company’s stock in the market.

Day traders are known to target Apple at the release of each of its products, but the quick riches that they seek are all too often a mirage that swiftly disappears. As of the first quarter of 2022, the iPhone held 62% of global market share in smartphones costing over $400. The company sold about 270,000 units within its first 1.25 days on the market in June 2007. However, the company’s stock price only gained seven cents the same day the phone was released. That’s how much a $1,000 investment at Apple’s 1980 initial public offering—when shares traded at a split-adjusted level of $0.10—would be worth now. Following on from becoming a trillion-dollar company Apple has reached its highest valuation of all time today, during a trading period that put its shares at their highest price ever at $237.64.

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With the earliest possible trial date start likely in late 2026, analysts are generally nonplussed by the Department of Justice omnibus antitrust suit and are telling investors to stick with Apple. Quite amazing, these two being founded by two amazing workhorses and frenemies of the modern tech era, Jobs and Gates. Based in South Wales, Malcolm Owen has written about tech since 2012, and previously wrote for Electronista and MacNN.

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While it’s tempting to equate a soaring stock price with a thriving business, the reality is not as straightforward. A company may simply not have a lot of shares outstanding, meaning the overall value of the company isn’t as high as you might think. Market capitalization, which is calculated by multiplying the stock price by the total number of outstanding shares, provides a better measure of a company’s total value in the eyes of investors. Therefore, as you see the stock prices below, keep in mind that the value of the entity is not driven just by its stock price but by the number of shares it has also issued. “Market cap” — short for “market capitalization” — is the total value of a public company’s outstanding shares, which are those owned by stockholders, not by the company itself. Outstanding shares can be owned by employees and board members — just not the actual corporation.

The company closed at an all-time high of $3,840.22 on Feb. 8, 2024. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is the holding company of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway A shares (BRK.A) traded at $613,140 per share at the close on Feb. 20, 2024.

The record-breaking prices of the top 10 stocks of all time underscore not only the remarkable growth of these companies but also signal broader economic trends. Such valuations reflect robust business models and market power, but often also the happenstance that some companies allowed their shares to rise very high before splitting their stocks. And with approximately 15.5 billion shares outstanding, a high Apple share price equates to a massive market cap. Market cap is determined by multiplying the value of a company’s share price by the number of outstanding shares in existence.

However, some are cautionary, having dropped from their highs, pointing to the need for diversification and thorough research when investing. For example, whether a $20 stock increases by $2 (10%) or a $200 stock increases by $20 (10%), the increase in value is the same if you invested the same amount of money in both. However, owning more company shares at a lower price could offer more flexibility when selling a portion of your holdings without having to sell an entire share. But with many brokerages now offering fractional shares, this has become less important. Seaboard Foods, one of the company’s major businesses, is one of the largest grain and other agricultural product producers in the U.S.

Perhaps I will treat myself to a nice steak dinner tonight, or maybe I’ll buy a new iPad Pro if one is announced soon, or maybe I’ll do both! And now I just use DRIP for the dividends, Wma vs ema so that my share amount will slowly but surely increase every single quarter. Stock tracking and financial websites like TradingView provide historical data for most stocks.

The first split came on June 16, 1987, on a two-for-one basis at a pre-split price of $79. This article breaks down Apple’s product lines and how they have affected the company’s stock performance and position in the global market. Through that lens, Apple is doing very well based on its market cap, which ranks it among the world’s most valuable companies.

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